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A New 'Wave' of Investing....
"What else this Enviable and Glamourous can make you the returns only normally associated with high end mass property?"
Rob Green - Out There Lifestyle
"One can normally only dream of such returns whilst having fun"
Edward Niles - During our summer 19 event in Monaco
"Not only do my family benefit from the returns I make, this product allows them to spend time aboard a Yacht in a beautiful location"
Mary Aspell - Surrey Finance & Planning

About Us

"Born from a love of the sea, making money and a lifestyle which all of the family can enjoy".....

In 2007 a bright new concept in Yacht ownership was explored.  That concept is now the worlds largest and most recognised Fractional Yacht Ownership company having managed in excess of 200 Yachts across 20 locations to almost 500 clients. 


The forward thinking entrepreneur's behind this are now looking at a whole new market, the market of buying and selling to a guaranteed outlet.

The investment world has been revived by this revolutionary approach.  It's not only tangible, insured, asset backed, and rewarding, but it's also glamorous, exciting and a New 'Wave' of Investing that will entice the sophisticated investor to come aboard and prosper with us.

A women on board a yacht
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