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A Whole New Way of Investing - Worldwide

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

A new concept exists today for many investors used to sitting face to face with their advisor to discuss and plan extra value investment opportunities.

This facility has disappeared with Covid – 19 impacting large swathes of the world and severely impacting the ability of people to get “face to face” for the foreseeable future.

The global economy has deserted investors who are left with a serious challenge of how to grow funds and secure income over the coming, unknown period of time

The fact remains, we will not be in a position of lockdown forever. When we are all finally given the freedom to walk the streets again, will you been looking forward to discussing your near on zero percent interest rate or return with your bank account manager? Will you be wanting to sit with your IFA to discuss the possibilities of earning up to 8% per annum via a new car parking scheme to wipe out all others?

…….Or here's a thought. How about enjoying a glass of your favourite, sat upon a gleaming white Yacht in the middle of the Med, learning about a proven and unique business idea that could make you a solid 10% per annum.

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