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Covid - 19, how does this affect us?

Covid 19 certainly has taken the world both by surprise and has given many a sharp wake up call. We hear of large companies and institutions struggling, car manufacturers turning off their productions lines, and planes being parked on runways.

We have all seen that cruise ships, ferries and yacht charters have been affected, but how about privately owned Yachts?

The fact is, if you're due to collect a new or used Yacht now, it probably wont happen, but then you more than likely viewed and ordered it several months what's another month in the grand scheme of things? With regards to those who already own Yachts, well we've seen Yachts do what they spend most of their time doing.....floating in the marinas being used as apartments. Many people have decided to self isolate upon their Yachts, is this bad, is it any different to self isolating in a regular house? So long as you do not go out to sea in the Yacht then we think not. You will still have to visit the shops and you will still need to take your daily exercise, but in many cases it's a lovely change of scenery.

Have we seen a decline in Yacht syndicate interest though? Simply answered, no!

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